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This seminar features a new asset allocation tool called DynaPorte for building dynamic portfolio models. As an example, the seminar will also include a description of a fundamental dynamic asset allocation model that used 17 macroeconomic fators to determine time-vaying asset allocations to 10 Fidelity sector-based mutual funds. The particular model made an average annual return of 12% during 2000 - 2002, when major market indices suffered heavy losses, and would have out-performed those same benchmarks during the 1990s bull market.
Seminar Details
Date: May 5, 2004
Day: Wedneday
Time: 7:30 - 8:15 am
Location: San Diego 1/2 Room
Doubletree Hotel
San Diego Mission Valley
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This is a Breakout Session at the SAAFTI Conference in San Diego.

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Breakout Session at the SAAFTI Conference in San Diego

Market Timing Models Based on Macroeconomic Factors
DynaPorte presents a sector-rotation model that made positive returns during the bear market of 2000 - 2003.
Email: seminar@dynaporte.com

Phone: 908-813-0077

Grand Prize*:
A Free One Year Subscription to the
DynaPorte Dynamic Asset Allocation System
Value: $20,000
8 Additional Prizes*:
Hardcover copies of
Dynamic Portfolio Theory & Management
by Richard E. Oberuc
Published by McGraw Hill, 2003
Value: $55.00
* Prize winners must be present for entire seminar to be eligible.